Taking care of your Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul
by recalibrating old programming
and creating 
equilibrium of wholeness.


"I am an alternative spiritual healer"
Indigolden Goddess - Self Love Guru

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About Me

Indigolden Goddess

Welcome spiritual beings,

My name is Indigolden Goddess. I'm a Alternative Spiritual Healer with over 10 years experience. I have a shamanic background and work closely with all spiritual realms. I am mobile and will travel to clients however I have a fairy log cabin on site where I perform my treatments.

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Crystal Healing has been around since mankind existed. It is an ancient therapy that works with the natural power of crystals and gemstones to help improve health and well-being.


  • £40 per hour
  • Unlock your past lives with this one of a kind treatment.

    £40 per hour

  • £40 per hour
  • Goddess and Angel cards optional.

    40 British pounds
  • People who receive Reiki describe it as “intensely relaxing.”

    40 British pounds

  • £40 per hour


My experience with Kate was absolutely amazing, she is so warm and kind and even though I didn't know exactly what to expect as I had never done anything like this before , she made me feel so at home and calm the entire time. 

I left the session feeling like a new women and will highly recommend her treatments to anyone who is looking to heal themselves or find their true self.

Chloe, Bridgend 

Really enjoyed my visit with Kate today! The salon is really relaxing and welcoming, Kate is amazing and I had the best Indian head massage I’ve ever had! She really does have magic hands! I left feeling lovely and relaxed! The chakra balancing was amazing too, I was a little sceptical but it was an amazing experience! Would definitely recommend and I will be returning for more treatments soon! Thankyou again Kate

Rachelle, Newport

Such a wonderful experience. I can be very skeptical about these things but it was very magical and I can honestly say I am more open minded. Will be booking my partner in soon!
Yvonee, Cardiff  
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